New features!

Two new features are ready for you on Dondupville!
On each product page we have added two new buttons:
“Do you need help for this item?” you can click here and so it will open a window through which you can write and send your requests. The answers will come as soon as possible to the email address that you have used for the registration in the site and that you can change by clicking here: under “My Account”.
The other button is “Visualize the retailers locations” through which you can to find all authorized Dondup retailers of the locations that you search. You can write the city name or zip code of the area that interests you.
You can navigate the map using the + and – buttons to zoom in or zoom out for your best interest.
We advise you to fill out your profile by clicking here:
Write us at to send us your feedback to improve our service.
We suggest you to complete your profile by clicking here:

Are you in?

We wished it had been a surprise, but many have chosen to publicly thank on Dondup Facebook fanpage, Twitter or directly on Dondupville so we make it public.
If you’re among those who first have completed the profile and comment on leaders in Dondupville you will receive a gift directly to the address on the personal profile Dondupville.
The Shipments of the gadgets will continue since stocks last.
Please note that your information will be used in full compliance with privacy regulations, you can find information about the treatment here: A reread of Dondupville!

All Items Dondup

The “All Items” area has been designed to see all items of the Dondup collections. You can search for the items images of the different collections selecting the season from the drop-down menu, typing in the search field on their name and selecting the categories that found to the left of the page.

Each model can be viewed in different fabrics and washes and in all the colors presented in the collection. You can enter in the page of the items to add it to your favorites that will appear in your profile page, you can also request information or express opinions through the comment section at the bottom of this.

If you want to write us a feedback about Dondupville you can write a comment below or write an email to

Tutti i capi Dondup su Dondupville

Add and comment the news items!

It’s time to start adding your items who have purchased until now in your virtual wardrobe.
You can add each item in a simple way clicking on the button “Add a new purchased item” on the navigation bar and entering the code card and the code head in your possession.

You can express your appreciation for an item using the stars or commenting on writing your opinions, and start interacting with users who have purchased an item similar to yours. Guests can use the area devoted to comments also ask for advice on pairing, wash mode and information about products, their characteristics and their availability.

Your feedback are very important for us, and there will be the “All items” area where will be available the entire catalog of the collections Dondup.
See you soon in Dondupville!

Welcome Home

A new year has begun also in Dondupville and we inaugurate it with a new area! By clicking on the top left the text: “ find your roots” you will find a new Home page.

This is a page that offers new collection previews, news, fresh videos and a streaming channel of activities by Dondupitaly on Twitter.

Preview areas provide sneak peeks of our outfits and accessory combinations for men, women and children. We wish you a great 2011 and hope to see you soon at

Log In

At Dondupville we keep working to build our Community. In the email you have received you find a link and a password eanbling you to change your profile by filling out the form with the requested information and have a preview on how it looks like.

If you paid some attention you certainly noticed the dedicated space for what will become your virtual wardrobe. You’ll be able shortly to populate it with your acquired and favorite apparel. Once in a while new actions and items will be added and every thing you see is susceptible to change.

If you find any imperfections, if any transition is not clear or you simply want to tell us what you think please write to us through the form on the blog or by email to
We also remind you that you may find the answers to the most common registration and other problems by visiting:

Video Dondupville profile.

Dondupville Work In Progress

It seems appropriate to unveil some other characteristics of this blog besides the ones you might have already discovered by yourselves either through it’s use or contacting us by email.

Let’s begin with the graphic style. It takes inspiration from the typological lines featured in our apparel, minimal and elegant. Likewise for our community we thought it appropriate to create an orderly environment, based on well defined and accurate spaces.

Their colors assume a great deal of importance, they signify, communicate sensations and motivate our emotions, they often give sense to our actions. Such is the case of the Community where a chromatic palette was chosen to render the approach intuitive and immediate.

The chameleon like, changing environments are present in occasionally new scenarios with variations on the theme analogous our collections.

Transparency is a recurring element, a disposition we’d like to identify us, especially but not only in our relationship with you and in places created for such interaction.

Dondupville is coming soon.

Welcome to the Dondupville blog, this space is born to keep you up to date about the progress of the project. Dondupville is an idea born out of the will to build an ever more immediate relationship with lovers of this brand. We heartily believe that a strong relationship needs to be established with all our clients, based on dialogue and mutual understanding.

As you may well imagine building a social network is an activity that requires time, several tasks need to be fulfilled, from the design to the graphics: essential to give life to a useful, functional and pleasing platform in the best way possible, just like wearing a piece of clothing. Investing in being a community means giving sense to people’s actions, foreseeing them and structuring them, creating every possible scenario; utilizing the best communication line possible with words, images, sounds and multimedia objects so that everyone understands the activities to unwind and interact with ease.

A social network is made first and foremost of people, it will be you who will give life to Dondupville.